How did I Get here?

So a little a bit me!

I’m Julie or Jules to my friends & family, mum in her forties living in a small village 15 miles from the beautiful city of York. I am overweight suffer with polycystic ovaries & was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago. In truth i have never really got my head around the diabetes but it’s something that needs taking control of. I have a wonderful family and my partner is a very active sporty 50 year old currently training for the Great North Run.

Have you ever woke up one day & wondered what next?

I did exactly that, I turned 42 at the beginning of this year. My daughter & stepson both turned 18 & my stepdaughter 16 last year & I had a sudden realisation a couple of months ago that they don’t need me any more! So what now?

Midlife crisis I hear you scream & yes may be so, but the truth is really what now?

Join the gym? I already am a member & go the classes 2 to 3 times a week. But I still don’t love it!

Take up yoga? I have been to a couple of classes, what did I learn? Well tha I am not bendy at all. Being blessed in the boobage department is not a blessing at all when it comes to yoga! Big bellies & big boobies get in the way on many occasions. My loving family affectionately call me a T Rex due to my short arms & legs which is a curse as my arms cannot reach round to grab my toes! Do I persevere? Hey let’s keep going you never know I might stretch those dino arms!

Learn to run? Managed 3 days of couch to 5k I always find an excuse not to go ! I have done in the past year a couple of 5k’s & Park run but my thoughts with Park run are always may be next week!

Get a new job? Well this is where I made progress, still don’t have a new job though. But I have rewritten my CV & it has given me a couple of interviews. I am still deciding if changing my job is the answer. If it is, it probably needs to be a complete change of career. Have you ever tried changing career? It does not appear to be easy. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of things I would love to do. But doing them & actually paying the bills is a different matter?

Eat healthy? Lasts a couple of days, biscuits are so much quicker to grab! I seriously have no willpower! How do even you get will power? Are you born with it? I need to get a grip on this as it is starting to give me health problems.

Buy a sports car? Now this is what men having a midlife crisis do & may be some women, but:

A) I don’t have the money for a fancy sports car.

B) I don’t actually like most sports cars.

Be a international rock star? If you heard me in the shower you would already know that this is most definitely an option.

Meditate? My house resembles Piccadilly Circus with 3 Adults 1 teenager, 2 boisterous Jack Russell’s, 2 rabbits & 1 lizard. How am I supposed to find a quiet space for meditation to start with? How do I start with meditation?

Write down things you want to achieve/want to do? This surprisingly hard I have 52! Is this because I don’t want much in life? Or is it just that I am not thinking big enough? Am I held back by lack of money? Should I write down the things in life I would like if money was not a barrier? I don’t mean having millions by the way.

So I am a work in progress watch this space.